Venice sustain passion

The ergonomic pillow that relaxes your cervical vertebrae
Venice sustains your head according to the weight and the naturally exerted pressure: the pillow perfectly adapts to the shape of your head and neck, preventing them from being subject to excessive weight, favoring relaxation and relieving the unpleasant cervical pains. Venice prevents unnatural positions thanks to its ergonomic configuration and perception of the body’s warmth, which allows it to perfectly adapts to the shapes it sustains.

Venice is the pillow designed by Olmo Group for Casanova®, a low-return, visco-elastic foam that, thanks to its special features of non-deformability, ensures excellent comfort and wellbeing. Venice is the friend of your dreams, providing the best support to your head.
It gently shapes in a way that uniformly distributes the weight. And after use, it slowly and gradually returns to its original shape. Moreover, thanks to its special configuration, it sustains the vertebrae of the neck in the most natural position, ensuring a sweet and soft wake-up and energy charge every morning.
Venice is manufactured with Casanova’s innovative visco-elastic foam, which is the result of NASA’s technological research. The use of this material is a guarantee of certified committment towards the implementation of state-of-the-art technology. Venice is moulded in order to enhance the features of this special foam and to avoid any subsequent processing and the additional use of glueing substances. The Casanova® visco-elastic foam of Venice is manufactured in compliance with the higest public health and environmental protection standards.


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