Finally is really the pillow as you want
MyPillow by Olmo® is the new pillow that links together the exclusive features of the low resilience visco-elastic foam Casanova® and the beneficial properties of particular additives, which are safe, eco-friendly and able to improve the quality of the rest. MyPillow by Olmo® is the natural evolution of Venice: it fits in perfectly the shapes that supports, aiding the full relax and eliminating painful cervical diseases. Compared to Venice, MyPillow by Olmo® contains Health Protection®, the exclusive treatment that is able to remove and prevent bacteria, dust-mites and fungi responsible for allergies, bad odours, degradation and discoloration of textiles. MyPillow by Olmo® is available in two different forms, each in three different executions, and offers five solutions to make the rest even more fancier, personalized and unique.


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