Padding has no more limits
Olmosoff is a new family of high-tech products with excellent physical and mechanical properties and important possibilities of application in upholstery and bedding. Olmosoff foams have density from 13,0 to 45,0 kg/m3 and a very low compression set between 0,5 kpa and 2,0 kPa. These features ensure a unique softness in comparison with the foams currently present on the market. To these important features we can add an extraordinary elongation of up to 500%: and a resilience higher than 40%. The Olmosoff high-quality foams are also characterized by an excellent permeability and a low permanent deformation.

Space for new ideas
The particular features of Olmosoff enable new applications for polyurethane foam in uphiolstery and bedding. Thanks to the high elengation, low density and excellent softness, Olmosoff allow to create high value laminated and quilled products. Olmosoff is a valid alternative of polyester fleece and downs with improved features such as high air permeability and elasticity
which are fundamental elements for a healthy sleep.

Exclusive performance
Mechanical tests performed at the german laboratory LGA highlighted and confirmed that mattresses made of olmosoff foams have excellent performances combined with the high air permeation.


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