Quality is our philosophy.

We offer maximum design freedom that allows the customer to create customized products in a wide range of shapes and features. The entire production cycle is followed directly by our technical staff, from the internal production of the molds to the delivery of the finished product.

Polyurethane in block

The continuous production of polyurethane foam of the Olmo Group takes place with no wasting of material and ensures bulk product consistency and uniformity of formulation.
Accurate audits and quality controls, from raw material to storage, ensure lots that perfectly match the demands of the customer, who is free to design shapes and sizes without constraints thanks to techniques that enable perfect block squaring and its optimisation, making customised cuts and shapes cheaper.

Continuous leaf rolls

From continuous production polyurethane, blocks of various lengths are obtained. 60 m long blocks (called long panos) are used for the production of rolls of foam. The long pano is positioned on a cutting machine that enables combining and gluing the head and tail of the pano, creating a big ring (ellipse). In the middle of its path, the ring created meets a cutter that, with an electronic control, slices the pano and creates a roll of foam (continuous leaf).
Depending on the types and density, it is possible to get rolls of thickness from little more than one millimetre up to about ten centimetres. The height of the roll varies from one metre and a half up to over two metres. Thickness tolerances are handled in tenths of a millimetre.

Polyurethane sheet

Thanks to the availability of advanced cutting plants, Olmo Giuseppe SpA is able to produce large quantities of straight plates of different density and size.

Viscoelastic pillows

Olmo Giuseppe SpA offers a wide range of visco-elastic pillows for perfect rest.
The entire production cycle is followed directly, from the internal production of moulds up to delivery of the finished product. Order management is organised in detail to cope flexibly with the needs of our customers, both through "just in time" production and the storage of finished products. In fact, automation and "full in time" automatic control characterise the phases of formulation, mixing, curing, filling of moulds and subsequent processing.