Flexible Polyurethane Foam

Thanks to cutting-edge production technologies, the search for innovative products in terms of environment, performance and reliability, Olmo Giuseppe SpA is able to offer a wide range of flexible polyurethane foams in blocks, sheets and rolls.


Open cell microcellular foams of conventional type. Wide range (from 18 to 40 kg/mc) consisting of polyurethane base that guarantees good comfort and excellent shape retention over time.


Open cell microcellular foams of conventional type with high technological content. The range consists of polyurethanes that lend themselves to technical applications in the areas of sound insulation, packaging, building and footwear, without excluding specific uses in furniture and bedding.


Open cell microcellular foams, designed to comply with numerous international standards where high flame resistance and low opacity and toxicity of fumes are required. They are specially designed foams for use in public environments (hospitals, prisons, hotels) for security reasons.


Open cell microcellular foams of conventional type. Highly innovative foam with a high degree of technology. The primary characteristics are excellent resilience, excellent comfort, low distortion, high resistance to tensile force and tears and outstanding breathability. The range spans from 12 kg/mc. to 45 kg/mc. with characteristics of low bearing capacity. Suitable for both furniture and bedding.


Open cell microcellular foams of conventional type. The high performance of elasticity and shape retention, combined with high comfort, make these polyurethanes excellent for the most sophisticated demands in furniture and bedding.


Open cell microcellular foams H.R. type (High Resiliens). Alternative to classic conventional foams. They show better performance in terms of resilience and breathability that improve the comfort level. A peculiar characteristic is excellent flame resistance that allows these foams to meet the most common international standards in terms of fire safety.


Open cell microcellular foams of conventional and H.R. type. It is a full range designed specifically to pass very strict flame resistance tests such as B.S. 5852 CRIB V. It is formed in the Polilatex C.M. family and Elast Performance FR series. The foam range offered provides the possibility to have satisfactory solutions for every requirement in the context of upholstered furniture where a particular need for fire safety is requested.


Open cell microcellular foams H.R. type It represents the best of the entire OLMO collection. Ensures the highest level of comfort and the best environmental impact. The series consists of the Ecoelast , Polilatex HT and Lympha families. The latter family of products is created through the use of raw materials of vegetable origin that makes this a state-of-the-art technology for polyurethane foams.


Open cell microcellular foams of conventional and H.R. type. They are slow return foams with very low resilience that can be adapted to the shape of the body, wrapping it by avoiding the pressure typical of common foams. They are particularly requested in bedding.


From continuous production polyurethane, blocks of various lengths are obtained. 60 m long blocks (called long panos) are used for the production of roll of foam (continuous leaf). Depending on the types and density, it is possible to get rolls of thickness from little more than one millimetre up to about ten centimetres, thickness tolerances are handled in tenths of a millimetre.