Polyurethane technology

Industry leader in the production of polyurethane flexible foams, Olmo Giuseppe SpA is a significant example of the most advanced and dynamic Italian entrepreneurship.

Experience & Specialisation

Since 50 years quality is our philosophy.

It was founded at the end of the 1950s in the first headquarter in Milan to expand the commitment of the Olmo Group in the polyurethane industry, given the increasingly strategic development of flexible polyurethane foams in many fields of application. In 1969 it moved to the current site, a large industrial area which allowed Olmo Giuseppe SpA to guarantee its clients “just in time” service, always one of the strong points of the company. Olmo Giuseppe SpA is characterised by state-of-the-art production technologies that are constantly updated, by the search for innovative products in terms of environment, performance and reliability, by the controlled and certified quality, by the constructive dialogue with the best commercial partners. Because of this, Olmo Giuseppe SpA represents much more than a large company focused on progress and, in fact, is a point of reference in its field and a trusted name in the production of high quality flexible polyurethane foams.

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Expanded into continuous, endless quality

Solutions for well-being.

The structural organisation of the company and the technologies employed stress and confirm that the company Olmo Giuseppe SpA places the product at the centre of its business philosophy. Each resource is designed to combine great productive potential and conservation of the highest quality standards. The company covers a total area of 300,000 m2, equipped with a series of computerised management systems among the most extensive and modern in the world: the entire production process is automated and the extraordinary manpower combines a guaranteed perfect synchronism between the stages of formulation, mixing and polymerisation. Olmo Giuseppe SpA products are manufactured in a wide range of types and enable more rational management of the expanded materials during each subsequent phase of processing and transformation. Particular attention is also paid to environmental issues, with continued targeted investments in technology without the use of CFC and chlorinated solvents or emission of hazardous substances into the environment.

Products & Organisation

A complete and constant check on all the phases of the process.

Due to its concrete commitment towards global quality and its production capacity, Olmo Giuseppe SpA is a long-standing partner of the most important companies operating in particular in the areas of upholstered furniture and automobile upholstery. The ongoing relationship and direct exchange of experience with designers, architects and designers in different industrial branches enable Olmo Giuseppe SpA to interpret the application needs and offer state-of-the-art solutions. Olmo Giuseppe SpA is a leading company in the field of flexible polyurethane foam with its trademarks: Polilatex, Elast, Elast Performance, Lympha, Ecoelast and Olmosoff, which identify exclusive products by their characteristics and performance: comfort, softness, breathability, indeformability, durability, safety and security. Olmo Giuseppe SpA also devotes the same passion and commitment to its customers through the development of their needs within its technical offices, with dynamic and widespread commercial organisation, ensuring punctuality in deliveries, and with the desire to establish a real collaboration relationship with each customer.